Medical Accessories


Bouffant Cap

Constructed of PPSB non-woven material to provide personal protection from fluid splashing with a cool and comfortable wearing experience. 



Material: PPSB, SMS

Fabric Weight: 10gsm, 12gsm, 14gsm, 16gsm, 18gsm, 20gsm

Size: 21",  24" and 27"

Style: single elastic, double elastic

Color: white, blue, green, pink

Carton:  100 pcs/box, 1000 pcs/case



Sleeve Cover

Fluid impervious fabric creates an impermeable safeguard from the working environment.


Meticulously crafted with a soft elastic gather for a secure and comfortable fit.


Material: PE coated PPSB, Microporous fabric

Fabric Weight: 44gsm, 63gsm

Size: Uni size

Color: blue, white 

Carton: 50 set/bag, 100 set/case


Shoe Cover / Boot Cover  (Non-skid/ CPE)


Boot cover are constructed from durable fluid resistant PPSB with contrasting “T” sole marking designed for extra traction. 


Fastened with flexible non-binding elastic provides a secure fit without sacrificing agility or safety.


Material: PPSB, PE Coating PPSB, Microporous fabric

Fabric Weight: 35 gsm, 44 gsm, 63 gsm

Size: Regular, X-Large

Color: blue, white

Carton:  100 pcs/bag, 500 pcs/case



Constructed of durable, fluid resistant, non-woven material to provide personal protection with a comfortable fit. 


This fluid resistant apron has a neck loop and tie back and provides a clean professional look.


Material: PPSB, PE Coating PPSB, PE, CPE

Fabric Weight:

    PPSB-- 30 gsm, 40 gsm

    PE coated PPSB-- 44 gsm

    PE-- 1 mil, 1.25 mil, 1.5 mil... (0.02mm, 0.025mm, 0.03mm, 0.035mm...)

    CPE-- 1 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil, 4 mil, 6 mil...


Size:  24''X 22'',  28''X46''

Color: blue, white


    PPSB / PE coated PPSB-- 10 pcs/bag, 10 bag/case

    PE / CPE-- 100 pcs/bag, 10 bag/case


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