Will your non-woven material cause damage to the environment?

Although non-woven material is not biodegradable but it is not like PVC material will cause damage to the environment.


Are Derekduck  elastic rubber component products latex-free it?

Yes, all the elastic rubber of Derekduck products by using non-latex composition. It does not cause skin irritation, itching and other allergic symptoms. It also does not feel sticky if generated hand sweat or other skin damage after long-term wearing.


How is the weight of Derekduck Lightweight rainwear?

Derekduck lightweight rainwear (jacket + trousers) weighs only 300g.


Can Derekduck lightweight breathable rainwear resist heavy rain?

Yes, it is completely waterproof and breathable. Derekduck lightweight breathable rainwear passes the test ISO 0811, it can resist more than 2000mm water pressure.


What is CE Certificates Type 4,5,6?

Here are total six "Types" relate to "Catalogue III" clothing, which means they are designed to protect against a hazard.

Type 4: Spray tight suits. Suits which can protect against saturation of liquid chemical, where volume of the liquid builds up on the suit forming pools, resulting in rivulets. Requires a barrier fabric and sealed seams.

Type 5: Dry particle suits. Suits for protection against hazardous dust and any dry particles.

Type 6: Reduced spray suits. Suits for protection against light spray and splashes of liquid chemicals where there is no directional spray or build up of liquid on the suit, but there may be a fine mist of droplets in the atmosphere.


Can your coverall protect me from Bird Flu?

Yes, wearing appropriate protective clothing can protect you from Bird Flue, such as ULTITEC 2000 (type 5,6) and ULTITEC 3000 (type 4,5,6) both are proved to hold out biological hazard (EN14126). We will also strongly recommend following steps to reduce the risk of infecting Bird Flu:

1.Wash hands before eating, drinking, smoking, using phone, taking medication, applying make-up,  and using contact lenses.
2. Avoid hand to mouth/eye contact – don’t put pens in mouth or wipe eyes with hands.
3. Take rests and meals away from working area.
4. Cover cuts/grazes before working.


How can I get more information of ULTITEC protective coverall and rainwear?

Please follow our website: http://ultitec-protection.com/ 


What is your advantage of ULTITEC coverall comparing with market products?

Our innovated BWF fabric on ULTITEC 2000 / 3000 series coverall is more breathable, passes ASTM F1670 for anti blood penetration, with better abrasion resistance at class 2 of EN530 (MVTR over 7000gram/m2/24hr). Gives you great protection in liquid compare with Dupont Tyvek products while having good breathability in comfort.


What is ASTM 1670? Does ULTITEC coverall offers any garments that pass these test?

ASTM F1670 is a synthetic blood penetration test. ULTITEC 2000, 3000T, 4000, and 5000 products all passed the ASTM 1670 test on fabric.


What is the difference between penetration and permeation?

Regarding chemical protective clothing, penetration is the passage of a chemical through a pore or opening in the barrier material. Permeation is the diffusion of a chemical through the barrier material at the molecular level.

Penetration tests are well suited for determining particle barrier in fabrics like ULTITEC 1000L, 1000B, 2000, and 3000T. Some factors that influence particle penetration include the size of the particle and the size of the pores/openings in the fabric structure. The opener a fabric structure is, the more likely a particle will be able to penetrate the fabric.

Permeation tests, by comparison, are better suited for testing hazardous liquids and vapors. , Derekduck has performed permeation tests on various chemicals against our ULTITEC 4000 and 5000 fabric. Our fabric performance sheet will help you understand better about choosing the right protective clothing.


What is the shelf life of ULTITEC products?

Storing in the proper condition (15C to 25C indoor and in the dark cardboard box without UV light exposure), ULTITEC products could last over 60 months. However, the antistatic property may reduce over time. The user must ensure the antistatic performance is sufficient for the application.


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