ULTITEC 4000 Chemical & Liquid Jet Resistant disposable protective Coverall


Fully liquid-proof coverall provides an effective shield against various chemicals, liquid jets, infective agents and leaking fuel. 


Excellent protection against wide range of hazards

The special impervious fabric meets the highest requirement of EN14126 biological test. All seams are sealed by chemical proof tapes, which reaches protection level type 3 and provides an effective barrier against directional liquid jets, various chemicals, and biological hazards.


Sealed design offers optimum protection

Well-designed hood fits respirator perfectly, double layer storm flaps ensure liquid tight seal for the zipper, and the bright yellow fabric offers high visibility.  These designs provide excellent protection when working under dangerous and dark environments.


Lightweight & durable

The fabric is lightweight and strong. It provides comfortable wearing experiences and allows the wearer to work efficiently.



Biological Hazards, Chemical Handling, Decontamination, Disaster Management, Disease Control, Tank Cleaning, Petrochemical

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Chemical Permeation Resistance List

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