DEREKDUCK Corporate Profile

From Our Managing Director


"DEREKDUCK has great manufacturing expertise to offer which we are proud to accredit to being in the non-woven industry for nearly 30 years.

We insisted "You are safe with us!" as protective clothing should be professional and fully functional. This is to ensure frontline operators go home safely even though exposed to the hazardous workplace.

They shall not just feel safe, but also like a valued team member in the workplace."


Jason Lin, Managing Director

Professional Body Solution Provider





DEREKDUCK established in 1992, has been devoting to innovation, R&D, and creation of appropriate non-woven body protection. We offer tailor-made solutions applicable to global users of different industries, which includes chemical protective clothing and infection control gowns. DEREKDUCK has ISO 9001:2015 and CE Module D double certification, also a registered supplier for the US FDA. We offer Type 3 to Type 6 protective clothing which abided to the latest PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, currently gained recognition worldwide in over 40 countries. DEREKDUCK is known with Professional Service, Technical Support and High Quality Products, which solve clients’ problems by leading them with professional insights, making them aware of market opportunities and incenting them with possible upgrades. 

Why Choose Us


Here are the reasons you can depend on DEREKDUCK to keep you and your business up and running:

1Global Know-How

Our service is based on extensive experience and knowledge in the non-woven industry. We can provide better product quality and meet the client’s specific requirements through in-depth technical analysis. 


2Integration & Innovation

With complete integration of the production process, DEREKDUCK supplies a wide range of products for medical, industrial and consumer use. We pride ourselves on standing out from the market by always going the extra mile.

3Qualification & Certification

To further demonstrate the outstanding quality of our products, DEREKDUCK seeks to obtain all requisite qualifications and certificates. These ongoing efforts are solid proof of our commitment to achieve sustainable growth with our customers.

4Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Working closely with top-tier companies around the world, we are keenly aware of the latest market trend and always endeavor to introduce new products before others do. We also upgrade marketing collaterals constantly to maintain our competitive edge in the industry.


DEREKDUCK is incredibly passionate about our competence and we recognize that quality is not a one-off result. Therefore, we are continually looking at making improvements in all areas of our company to ensure that it is run in the most efficient way and to the highest level of quality to maintain the recognition of professional body solution provider.